Boutique Wines

Barcava Brut (Sparkling Wine)

BTG: 6oz $8  BTB: $28

Slightly Bold. Mostly Acidic. Mostly Fizzy.

Flavors: Green apple, Pear, Citrus

Location: Cava, Spain


BTG: 6oz $8.25

Barcava Brut with your choice of OJ or Cranberry

Theorize 2015 Chardonnay

BTG: 6oz $12  BTB: $48

Medium Body, Balance of Oak

Flavors: Golden Honey, Apple, Coconut, ginger

Location: California

Cantina Colle Moro Club Pinot Grigio

BTG: 6oz $8  BTB: $28

Slightly Bold. Mostly Dry. Less Acidic and More Soft

Flavors: Apple, Pear, Citrus

Location: Terre di Chieti, Northern Italy

Kiona Vineyards Columbia Valley Riesling 2017

BTG: 6oz $8  BTB: $28

Neutrally Light and Bold. Mostly Dry. Mostly Acidic

Flavors: Apple, Peach, Pear, Earthy, Honey, Citrus

Location: Columbia Valley, Washington

Aime Boucher Rose d'Anjou 2019

BTG: 6oz $8  BTB: $28

Lightweight, Zippy Pineapple Acidity, Mouthwatering Finish

Flavors: Pink Apple, Cherry Blossom and Citrus Peel

Location: Loire Valley, France

BVC BIN 6410 Pinot Noir 2018 Sonoma

BTG: 6oz $8  BTB: $28

Mildly Bold. Dry. Mostly Acidic. Smooth

Flavors: Roasted hazelnut, blackberry, cherry, and raspberry

Location: Bennet Valley, California

Theorize 2015 Cabernet Savignon

BTG: 6oz $12  BTB: $48

Earthy. Oak Integrated. Firm Tannins                                                                                        

Flavors:  Cinnamon, Plum, Black Licorice Highlights

Location: Napa Valley, California

Lake Girl 2017 Cabernet Savignon

BTG: 6oz $8  BTB: $28

Very Bold. Very Dry. Mildly Acidic. Slightly Tannic

Flavors: Blackberry, Cherry, and Cedar

Location: California

Papapietro Perry 2016 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Bottle Only: $65

Flavors: Fresh Plum, Ripe Cherry, Raspberry, Vanilla

Location: California

Papapietro Perry 2016 Dry Creek Zinfandel

Bottle Only: $55

Flavors: Sweet Cherry, Fresh Plum, Blueberry

Location: California

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